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The Power of Three

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Over the years I've started to notice "things in threes". Whether it's blind mice, little pigs, musketeers or film trilogies there seems to be something about three? When it comes to our hearts and emotions we talk of "blood, sweat and tears" and some may even turn to "sex, drugs and rock'n'roll" as a means of escaping these emotions!

When I think about what makes "me a me" then I think I also see another three! I've a physical me, a psychological me and I believe there's also something even more deep and central at my core. My spiritual me. My heart? 

You could say....

"me is a community of three!!" 

I guess I'm a bit like a Russian doll. Open up the outside me and inside there's another me. Open up this first inner-me and deeper still, at my core, is yet another me. I'm three in one!  So if I'm going to be well, if I'm going to really thrive, then I reckon that the deepest inner me needs to be healed first. An apple is only really good to eat if the core isn't rotten!

I'm trying to say that what's inside me really matters. Many believe now that much of our bodily illness comes out of inner sickness. Could it be that the roots of many sicknesses, such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and autoimmune conditions are a result of inner illnesses like anger, contempt, unforgiveness, broken heartedness and the toxic effects of anxiety and depression. Something inside the Russian doll, the apple core, that although unseen, is making the whole person sick? 

But are there powerful "threes" when it comes to our healing?

Carl Rogers, father of humanistic psychology, believed in empathy, unconditional-positive-regard and congruence as his core conditions for healing and for millennia Christians have believed in faith, hope and love as their source of wellness.  It's worth thinking about things that come in threes! 

Ric Wilton Counselling Ballymena


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