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Counsellor Supervision

As a BACP accredited therapist, I am dedicated to offering professional and supportive supervision to fellow counsellors. My services cater to therapists working with adult clients as well as those specialising in therapy for children and young people. I aim to create a nurturing environment where therapists can grow and thrive in their practice. I hold a level 5 Diploma in Counsellor Supervision (IACP accredited).


How I Work:

Relational and Approachable Supervision

I believe that the foundation of effective supervision lies in building a strong, relational connection. I strive to be approachable and create a safe space where you can openly discuss your cases, challenges, and successes. Our sessions will be a collaborative journey, where we explore your experiences and insights together.


Supervision Models: Cyclical and Developmental

My supervision approach is rooted in the cyclical model and the developmental model of counsellor supervision. The cyclical model allows us to continuously revisit and refine your practice, ensuring that each session builds upon the previous one. The developmental model acknowledges your growth as a therapist, offering guidance and support that evolves with your needs and professional development.

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Contact me to find out more and to book sessions. Ric. 

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