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What does a 'Christian Perspective' mean?

As a professional counsellor, who also happens to be a Christian, I have various perspectives or beliefs that inform my practice. These core perspectives are as follows:

  • I believe that all counseling and therapy should be carried out only on the basis of therapists being trained to the highest levels and that professionalism and excellence are paramount especially when working with teenagers and young adults.  

  • I believe that all therapists should seek to be registered/accredited with one of the major counselling bodies, such as the BACP, and to operate under a recognised standard of ethical conduct

  • I believe that good therapists who offer empathy, genuineness and unconditional love, are providing exactly the kind of presence where healing can naturally arise.

What you might find interesting about the above is that it doesn't sound overtly 'Christian' in nature and that's what I love about breaking down the taboo that exists between being a professional therapist and declaring your worldview as a Christian. If you are a person of a differing faith or no faith at all then surely you are hoping for a therapist who holds the core beliefs above? And similarly, if you are looking for a Christian teenage counsellor, or Christian counsellor for adults, aren't you looking for the same? I believe these perspectives to be highly 'Christian' in nature and yet universal in their application and impact.


If you are a client who wishes to bring your faith into the counselling room then I am more than happy to do so, but I will never initiate these conversations or press my worldview on others. Ultimately, my perspective is that everyone, in the whole world, is of concern to Jesus and yet he never pressured and he never pushed. I operate from these same perspectives. Ric. 



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