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No Shame in Reaching Out

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

It's funny, I don't feel ashamed going to a doctor when my leg is broken? So why should do I feel ashamed when I hurt inside and need help?

I know that when my body is hurting and stuck then I sometimes ask for help from a (Physio)therapist to get me moving again.

So why do I treat the inside me differently? If my thoughts/emotions/choices (Psychology) are hurting me and I'm stuck then why don't I reach out for the help I might need to get me moving again? There is no shame in wanting to be free.

Simply put it's important to talk. There are many great counsellors in Ballymena. Talk to a professional if that works best for you or anyone else you trust. We need to allow the deep to rise from within and when we speak and are heard, really heard, then we gain freedom.

Ric Wilton Counselling Ballymena


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